my big id

my big id

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Thank you for taking time to visit! This is basically a journal of thoughts and a collection of resources. Websites are kind of quaint in the day of social media, but I’m kind of quaint too. The blog is a running thread of my thoughts on various subjects, mostly around technology and software. There is also a resources section where I put things after a thought has matured a bit, and it is worth sharing more formally.

For instance, there are some blog posts about how running software projects. After a few of these posts, I created a project status template and put it in the resources section. It will be apparent that most of the resource are of the “long-term planning” type. So the project status template might be a culmination of 2-, 3-, 5- or 10-years of work writing these statuses, and trying to capture the essential aspects of a project status.

Image Attribution: Herberto Graça | Agilest | Wikimedia | Greg Dampier

my big id

Some years ago, my manager asked me if I ever get tired chasing the bright lights. I had no idea what he was talking about. I did my work… and sure, I stayed up to date with the latest trends in technology… but he knew that was to help the company, right?! Back then, it had not occured to me that those were precious cycles that needed to be used on higher priority work.

I mean, if I didn’t have that latest container starting up via kubernetes on AWS, how would I ever know if the latest TensorFlow could be installed on it, and still take advantage of the GPU? Because I would want to make sure it was ready for me to a little time tweaking my MNIST model via a Jupyter notebook. Right?
(Updated for 2018.)

core dump and foreground

Over time, I came to accept that I do in fact get distracted by bright lights. And like it or not, I need to to satisfy my big id’s desire for instant gratification… Without sacrificing the long-term planning. Without sacrificing what is happening now. Without staying aware of the current priorities and taking the appropriate actions.

After much meditation on the “id problem,” I found a nice third option between infinitely planning for the long-term and investigating that bright light. But if I take a moment to “coredump,” then the thoughts don’t queue up, and I get back to the priority work. Call it a FOMO journal, but my quaint site is the way I have learned to compromise.

Ctrl + Z

[1]+  Stopped                       coreyt-scheduler-ML2-EDF-LST

$ pgrep -f internet-brightlight
665 internet-brightlight

$ _blpid=$(pgrep internet-brightlight)

$ ps -p $_blpid -o %cpu,%mem
 99.7  1.1

$ gcore -o /tmp/core-internet-brightlight $_blpid
0x76f46588 in read () from /lib/
Saved corefile /tmp/core-internet-brightlight.665

$ gdb -q -nh /tmp/internet-brightlight.$_blpid core
(gdb) set logging overwrite on
(gdb) set logging redirect on
(gdb) set logging file /tmp/brightlight-trace.log
(gdb) thread apply all backtrace
(gdb) backtrace full
(gdb) quit

$ _ts=$(date +"%m_%d_%Y_%H_%M_%S")
$ tftp -c put /tmp/brightlight-trace.log /blog/brightlight-$_ts.log
$ kill -9 $_blpid
$ fg
Trying to reclaim some technical cred, even if it isn’t really “code.”

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