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I’m a software technology type of guy that lives in Minnesota. I have a few kids. They are entirely amazing and I learn from them every day. I enjoy watching soccer - I’m a Minnesota United fan and an Arsenal fan. Over the years, I have moved from writing software to managing projects and departments. During this time, I have found that software programs tend to come down to a seemingly simple set of questions:

Unfortunately, these are incredibly difficult questions to answer. So, I thought I would create this site, and use it as a way to journal my thoughts on these questions and their answers. And software development in general. What makes this is so hard? What kinds of things shouldwe do to make it easier?

Even in 2018, with our collective experience and wisdom, we still struggle with answering these questions. Because of this, we tend to work long hours, change requirements, procrastinate design, and incur significant rework during test. Really… why we have tolerated this for so long?

best! Corey